Bike Fit Cycling Assessment in Melbourne’s City Centre.

Step up your performance with a bike fit assessment with our dedicated cycling Physio.

Optimum comfort, maximum performance

Riding in your optimum position is essential to maximising your capacity and enjoying your cycling.

Cycling injuries, weaknesses and poor performance can be overcome with a biomechanical Bike Fit assessment here in our Melbourne city centre clinic. When you’re in the bike position that’s right for your body, you’re ready to work on your technique and ride pain-free.

A Bike Fit assessment and coaching with our cycling physio, Rosie Moore, empowers you to understand what’s not working, what is and how to make powerful performance changes. Rosie is an experienced road and mountain bike rider and a Physiotherapist with Bike Fit, cycling rehabilitation and Science of Cycling qualifications.

How our Bike Fit assessments work

Initial Assessment

Bring in your bike and meet with our cycling Physio, Rosie, to discuss your training, injuries and goals.

Observation, Analysis and Feedback

Ride in our studio as we video you and watch in real time and slow motion. Biomechanical analysis in which we explain what your ideal cycling form looks like. We help you understand how your technique is affecting your performance and make changes if it’s affecting your injury, efficiency or can help you prevent injury.

Bike Adjustment and Coaching

Rosie modifies your bike set up to fit your body. Rosie then coaches you on your bike, with modified technique. You can see the difference on the spot using Physio and video feedback so you can ride away with immediate improvements.

Home Program

Receive your personalised video program to address your biomechanics, improve technique and strengthen weakness. 

Prevent injury and maximise efficiency

A Bike Fit assessment uses biomechanics to:

  • Ride more efficiently, for longer
  • Avoid muscle tightness and injury
  • Keep you comfortable from ride start to finish
  • Address back, hip and muscle pain
  • Avoid muscle tightness and injury
  • Make riding more enjoyable

Our Process to Improving Your Bike Fit and Cycling Technique

Ready to overcome injury, understand your cycling style and correct your technique for the long term? Let’s get you started.

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Your Assessment

Meet your practitioner, tell us about your cycling history and any injuries. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment including video analysis. Your practitioner will then customise a treatment plan around your goals and timeline.

Ongoing Care

You will be given a home exercise program with videos outlining the techniques of your exercises so that you can improve your cycling technique, speed up your recovery and prevent future injury.

Call or Book Online 24/7

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