BIKE FIT: What is it and how can it help my performance?

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Whether you’re a new cyclist or a veteran in the saddle, anyone can benefit from a bike fit. By optimising the geometry of your setup, we help to ensure you are riding as efficiently and as comfortably as possible.

A Physiotherapy cycling assessment incorporates a thorough history of current and previous injuries, symptoms whilst cycling, body measurements and biomechanics. This information is combined with video analysis of your cycling technique and position, which is used as a guide to make adjustments and recommendations according to the latest research in cycling biomechanics. Research has found video analysis is the most accurate method to determine optimal fit and we apply these principles during your session.

The position of the saddle in relation to the pedals and bars will impact how you are able to recruit your different leg muscles to pedal, how effectively and efficiently you can generate power, the result and loads on your joints, plus the relative weight going through your points of contact with the bike. For example, we may wish to change your bike geometry to promote a better distribution of pedalling work across your legs, or reduce the pressure on your knees.

Adjustments within your session may include repositioning of components such as the seat, cleats or bars. You will be supplied with a report and information regarding any further recommendations for other items, such as saddle type/size, stems, cranks, footwear and pedals. There are helpful mechanics nearby within the CBD who are able to assist with ordering and fitting parts compatible with your particular bike model, or you may wish to continue working with your own mechanic.

It’s not always a “quick fix”. In some situations, larger adjustments to the bike setup are needed, and we may recommend to follow incremental changes to give your body time to adjust. The biomechanical assessment will often highlight some areas to work on in the body to improve your strength, efficiency and resilience in the saddle.

All in all, there is much to gain from a review of your cycling biomechanics. If you are interested in arranging an appointment or have any questions, please give the clinic a call on 9670 7041.

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