Michael Chau

Lead Physiotherapist, Strength Service Coordinator and Clinical Pilates Practitioner

Michael Chau

Sprinter, exercise guru and book lover.

Born in Hong Kong, I have a deep commitment to helping individuals achieve their optimal physical health and performance. Bringing a diverse range of skills and cultural understanding to my practice, I am fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. I have found this ensures clear and comprehensive care, allowing me to establish strong connections and provide personalised treatment plans tailored to the needs of individuals from various backgrounds.

My passion for Physiotherapy led me to Melbourne, where I pursued my qualifications in the field. I was inspired by the latest research and advancements in Physiotherapy in Australia, as well as the strong focus on client education.

I have a particular interest in sports injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation. With running and cycling-related injuries, I enjoy diagnosing and rehabilitating athletes from these disciplines. I also compete at the state level for the 100m sprint. This firsthand experience in athletics allows me to empathise with athletes and better understand the demands they face in their respective sports.

Outside of work, I’ll often be hitting the gym, where I experiment and combine my knowledge in strength and conditioning with weight training. I spend a decent chunk of my time at the track, practicing my own sprinting skills during speed sessions. When I’m not engaged in athletic pursuits however, I enjoy road cycling, badminton, snooker, and reading.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • APPI Level 4 Clinical Pilates
  • IAAF Level 1 Community Athletics Coach

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