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It’s not just during a global pandemic that using household items to exercise can be put to good use. Far too often there are many excuses around not being able to exercise, one of the main ones I hear in the clinic is “I don’t have any equipment at home”. This issue is easily solved! Do you have some water bottles lying around, or a bucket perhaps, along with a working tap to fill them up? Maybe you have a step at the front door or on the back veranda? A couple of old bricks lying around, a towel, or a dining room chair? What about a backpack with some books to put inside? These are all household items that can be used to exercise at home.

It is well known that exercise not only improves general fitness, but also helps to control your weight, reduce the risk of chronic health issues such as heart disease, and improves your mental health and mood. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that adults aged between 18 and 64 should at least perform 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week (or 30 minutes every day, for 5 days of the week). These recommendations are relevant to all healthy adults aged 18 – 64 years unless specific medical conditions indicate otherwise.
We know that there is difficulty accessing gyms at the moment, but sometimes even getting to the gym can be a hassle, especially with busy work and life schedules; so I’d like to help you out! Below is a quick 30minute workout to do at home with household items that are easily accessible.

Please ensure that you are in a safe environment and medically fit to exercise before performing the session below.

Warm Up (30 seconds of each exercise, 3 rounds)
• Thoracic Rotations (broomstick)
• Bodyweight Box Squats (onto chair)
• Glute Bridges (elevated on chair)

Exercises (complete 10-12 reps of each exercise, 2-3 sets)
• Tricep Dips (on chair)
• Squat with Overhead Press (water bottles)
• Side Dips (bricks)
• Lunges (bricks)
• Lateral Raises (water bottles)
• Deadlift (bucket)
• Crunch (heavy book)
• Bent Over Row (laundry detergent)

Cool Down (20 seconds of each exercise, 2 x per side)
• Hamstring Stretch (towel)
• Glute Stretch (towel)
• Hip Flexor Stretch with Rotation (broomstick)

If you’re also interested in exercising with us from home, take a look at our Online Group Exercise Classes on our website here. We offer Bodyweight Strength, Mat Pilates, Stretch and Mobility and Runner’s Strength – you can continue to workout from the comfort of your home but with more guidance!

At Flex, our highly skilled Myotherapists and Physiotherapists can provide our clients with their own detailed and personalised home exercise programs. If you have any questions about how you can incorporate home exercises into your routine or would like to know which exercises best suit your personal needs, you can book online here or give our friendly team a call.


Written by Myotherapist, Teagan Parker

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