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Over the past couple of months we have seen a rapid transition in the way we deliver Physiotherapy and Myotherapy services due to COVID-19. Although we have always emphasised education about an injury and strategies for self-management, and are continuing to see clients where able and necessary for hands on treatment and face to face rehab sessions, we have also introduced telehealth consultations. These online video consultations were new for both us, the clinicians, as well as our clients. As such we thought it would be good to share some tips from what we have learned so far.

Check your technology
We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer if you have one, as the screen is larger than a mobile device, making it easier for you to see us if you step away from the screen in order to do an exercise. If you only have access to a mobile or smart device such as an iPad, make sure you have it propped up somewhere where you can see the screen and we can see you.

We also recommend that if you’re not familiar with video calls that you practice with a friend or family member to check your camera and microphone first to ensure we can hear and see you.

The other main technology check is your internet. If you have a slow speed connection, then it will affect the quality of the video and can lead to the screen freezing or cutting out. If you have more than one person working / studying from home at the moment and your internet is not coping with everyone being online at once, you may find you get a better connection for your telehealth appointment by hot spotting from your mobile phone for data.

Wear appropriate clothing
If your telehealth consult is to assess a shoulder injury, we may ask you to take your shirt off or be in a singlet so we can properly see the shoulder. Similarly, for an ankle or knee injury, we recommend you wear shorts so we can visualise if there is any swelling etc.

If you have booked a clinical exercise session via telehealth, we will be asking you to move! So, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily move in, just like if you were coming into the clinic to do a rehab session.

Ensure you have space to move
Just like an in-rooms assessment, we will be asking you to move through different parts of your body to help us assess your injury or pain. We will also go through some exercises with you whether for a Physio, Myo or Clinical Exercise session. Therefore, we recommend you set up in a room where there is some clear floor space for you to move and ensure there is sufficient distance between the computer and where you will be, so we can see your whole body. Cliniko, the online video platform we are using, has a small box in the bottom where you can see yourself – if you can’t see your full body on that screen, we also can’t see you!

Have exercise equipment available (if you have it)
If you have any exercise equipment available, such as a mat, foam roller, weights or theraband, then have them nearby so we can utilise these when giving you a home exercise program.

If you’d like more information or if you’re interested in a telehealth appointment with one of our team, please book online via our website, or feel free to contact our friendly front desk on 9670 7041 or email info@flexpysio.com.au.

Written by Physiotherapist, Fiona Samuel

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